Prescription for Leadership: The Purpose of Driven Leadership

On the Shoulders of Leaders is a book for leaders at every level of awareness and who aspire to lead.

The business need for pro-active leadership in all segments of business is critically important for today and tomorrow. The primary purpose of the hands-on easy reference Pocket Guide is designed to assist managers at all levels to fully utilize those skills necessary to run the business each and every day. Additionally, the lack of skills and experience may have a negative impact on the employees who are under the supervision of a particular manager. In putting together the Leadership Pocket Guide, it was my intention to have it become an easy-to-use, realistic reference that would assist each manager in his or her various administrative and operational responsibilities.

In the “real world of business” today, managers are extremely busy professionals. The Leadership Pocket Guide will assist them in accomplishing the day-to-day responsibilities effectively with a time-sensitive approach. In today’s business world there is a significant need for pro-active leadership at all levels within the organization. Today, many management people do not have the necessary training in order to be effective leaders. Talent is helpful in a leadership role; however, commitment, believability, tenacity, and continuous training are also necessary in order to be effective. The purpose of leadership is to take responsibility for the organization and to make the Vision and Mission Statements a reality.

The basic “How To’s Leadership Pocket Guide has been prepared for those individuals who have a desire to improve their leadership skills and who have a desire to make a difference through their daily contribution within the scope of their role as managers. The Leadership Pocket Guide will define and embrace a clear understanding of how to practice sound leadership concepts. Acquiring new knowledge is important. However, how the concepts are used is even more important.

So, let’s begin the journey that will lead you to improved performance, significant accomplishment, and more success for you and your team.


Published by Xulon Press

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